About Ananda

Hey babe, I’m so happy you’re here and wanted to get to know me better! 

My name is Ananda (that’s Bliss in Hindi) and I pride myself on being a bit of a mutt – I was born in the U.S. to Brazilian parents and raised in beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love Opera, which is clearly a result of my mother’s Italian heritage and my Dad’s side being Lebanese means I can whip up a hummus that will change your life. 

My college days took me to NYC, where I found I had some serious love for everything fashion had to offer. Life then brought me to Orlando, FL where I met my husband, Shamir (Indian husband, my Hindi name, coincidence? I think not!) and had two beautiful kids, Valentina (4) and Dominic (2). 

It’s safe to say we have our hands full watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and listening to “Baby Shark” 1,000x a day, but we make it work. Plus, being a mom means that I always have a packet of goldfish in my purse – so if you see me and you’re hungry, I’ve got you!

Aside from all of that, one thing you need to know about me is I LOVE fashion. 

I love everything about it! From the creativity to the way it can make you feel but mostly, I love that it’s a visual extension of your personality.