What color to wear for NYE 2021

Wondering what color to wear for NYE 2021? Whether you are spending it at home in your pajamas or with few friends in your sequin dress – you can start the new year with the right intentions. If you are a superstitious person, there are many little things you can do to start your new year right, and this year we need as many good things coming our way as possible! The color you wear has so much meaning, so I put together a little list so you can set your 2021 intentions and start the new year the way you want.

For passion, wear RED

For love, wear PINK

For wealth, wear YELLOW

For tranquility, wear BLUE

For elegance, wear PURPLE

For youthfulness, wear ORANGE

For good luck, wear GREEN

For optimism, wear GOLD

For protection, wear SILVER

For peace, wear WHITE 

For power, wear BLACK

Whats your 2021 color?