Picnic Fun

Summer is finally here and even though life isn’t quite the same right now, there are still so many fun and creative things you can safely do with the kids. We love getting creative, because hearing “mom I’m bored” is NOT something I want to deal with. 

Having a picnic is an activity the kids LOVE to do. From planning what to take, preparing and packing all the goodies, to setting up the picnic and enjoying the summer sun – it’s an endless fun time, that will have them talking about it for days!

We use their Garnet Hill backpacks and lunch boxes as much as possible even when the kids are not in school. They love feeling independent and being able to carry their own things or pack whatever toys they want, gives them such a great sense of self. I love allowing the kids to have that independence, specially right now when they feel like they have none.

Planning a picnic with the kids was a no brainer and such an exciting activity. V decided to take her Garnet Hill Eco Backpack Jr. in “Pink Artsy Garden” with the matching lunchbox, and Dom took his Garnet Hill Eco Backpack Jr. in “Crickets” with the matching lunchbox as well. Garnet Hill’s Eco Backpacks are crafted of poly made from recycled plastic bottles, requiring 53% less energy to produce!

We had so much fun! They each picked which toys to take, coloring books, and crayons. Their backpacks and lunch boxes come in so handy for our picnic adventure. All I had to do was help them pack healthy things to eat, otherwise we would end up having a popcorn and candy type of picnic lol. Not mom approved! 

Take on the summer with no fear and get creative with the kids! There are so many ways to make using their backpacks F U N.  Send them outside to play scavenger hunt, have a family campout, make it an art supply storage or even have them pack for an overnight stay at a family members home – so many ways to incorporate a backpack while making the kids feel super independent!