What you need for your new Puppy!

Getting a puppy is one the most exciting moments ever! What can you not love about a cute little loving puppy. Well, with a puppy also comes a lot of new things you will need that you probably didn’t realize! Since we just went through this process getting little Nico, I figured I would round up all the must haves and safe you all the hassle. So here is what you need for your new Puppy…

  • Play Pen or Crate – some people crate train, some don’t do anything – we play pen trained our little guy.
  • Dog Bed – Loved this Dog bed from Casper. It was engineered like their mattress but with Dogs in mind. The cover comes off easily so you can wash and clean it as much as you want! We got this for nighttime and a round cozy bed for the living room for the day – puppies sleep a ton! Now, if you want to splurge, I love this velvet looking bed and this one is just a stunning little bed.
  • Potty Training Pads – a must for potty training. Really helps in the process.
  • Potty Training Spray – super useful for when they do have accidents. Just spray the area where they had the accident (after you clean it) and they won’t go in that spot again.
  • Dog Bowl – love how this one looks and the fact that there is basically a built in mat. Makes it so easy to clean, because Nico makes a huge mess when he’s drinking his water! Now, if your dog is a fast eater, you need a slow feeding bow and this on is just so pretty!
  • Food Storage – You definitely need this if you are feeding your puppy kibbles. It keeps the food super fresh and contains the smell.
  • Dog Mat – If you are getting a dog bowl that doesnt come with mat, well, then you need this cute mat!
  • Doggie Bags – you just need them.
  • Puppy Shampoo, Puppy Spray and Puppy Wipes – love love how this smells and its so gentled on their puppy skin.
  • Grooming Brush – Love this brush for removing hair and helping in bath time. It pulls excess hair like a magnet!
  • Toy Bag – cute, and helps keep all your puppy’s toys in one place.
  • All Weather Collars and Leather Collar – Oh, there are so many different types of collars and you can get lost looking for the perfect one! I LOVE these two that I picked for Nico.
  • Harness – If your puppy pulls a lot, aka, mine – there is no cute collar in the world that will help you! You NEED a harness. And wow, we went through many before we landed on this one. If you have a smaller breed puppy that isn’t such a puller, I love how this one looks!!
  • Chewing Toys – TOYS, you need them! Well, and you especially need chewing toys so your puppy destroys the toys and not your sofa/rug/shoes/etc…. I love this one because you can add treats to it, so it makes it super fun for your puppy! And this bone shaped one is just adorable!
  • Dog Treat Jar – Not a huge, need, BUT it will help keep treats fresh – plus, its so pretty!

ok….this isn’t a need, but come one! How cute are these tiger hoodies and this tie dye little outfit?! Ahhh.

Hope this helps and good luck to all the new puppy parents!