At Home Workout Essentials

Now more than ever we have to get creative with staying fit, and working out from home has become the only way to do that. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items to keep you healthy, motivated (and stylish) for that at home sweat session!

  1. Nike Zoom Gravity, $60 – great training and running sneakers and currently on super sale for $60!
  2. Bala Bangles, $49 – Perfect addition to your workout routine. You can wear it while doing jumping jacks, push up or even on your bike or run. Love these and they are so cute!!
  3. Lululemon Energy Bra, $52 – Favorite sports bra! So comfortable and gives amazing support.
  4. Lululemon All The Right Places Crop, 118 – LOVE these leggings from Lulu. They are great for running or strength training. My favorites.
  5. Fitletic Race Belt, $24 – Wether you are a runner or biker these are amazing for storing your phone! Love them.
  6. Fitletic Bottle Holder, $22 – Same as above, you can hook them up to your race belt and they are amazing. Doesnt keep moving as you run and just great if you are planning on going long distances.
  7. Jump Rope, $30 – Such a great at home cardio workout! Can’t go wrong with a long jump rope session!
  8. Medicine Ball, $21 – Sit ups, squats, side crunches….so many ways you can use a medicine ball to enhance your workout routine.
  9. Invisibobble Hair Tie, $8 – The only hair tie I use when I am working out – or ever actually. Wont leave any marks on your hair or damage it!
  10. Resistant Bands, $19 – Also a great enhancement to any workout routine! So many ways you can workout with them, a simple youtube search will show you so many cool workouts!
  11. Lululemon Purist Water Bottle, $22 – Favorite water bottle!
  12. Blender Bottle, $9 – Protein Shakes are a must after a hard workout and these bottles are the way to go to make sure you are not drinking power! Yuck.

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