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Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2019

I SURVIVED #HHN29 – and I had a blast!

Ok, so I’ll be honest, I’ve putting off going to Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights for years now! Every single year I give Shamir (who always wants to go) a million reasons why we. I’m the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to spooky things, so going this year was a BIG deal for me! I was legit thinking about it all night before and all morning the day of. My anxiety was real guys, like real real. However, I was being a good sport and since I committed to going I wasn’t going to back down!

The theme this year is the 80’s, and it features haunted houses based on pop culture favorites, such as “Stranger Things.” Being a huge fan of the show I was beyond excited to see it come to life. Let me tell you, they did an amazing job making it just the right amount of scary and taking you into the world of the 80’s. There were tons of other houses featuring 80’s cinematic favorites like “Universal Monsters“, “House of 1000 Corpses” and “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (you couldn’t pay me enough money to go into a clown haunted house). It was very well organized and very well done. I was super impressed!

I am now sitting here wishing I had been going every year! I’m not going to lie, the haunted houses were super scary for me, as the thought of something creepy jumping out at me and having no where to run was just too much, but my friends loved it! The rest was honestly just so much fun! I got spooked in every corner by a zombie or someone with a chainsaw, and it was honestly hilarious and fun! Plus, riding all the rides at night and being in the park that late was such a fun experience.

It was a super fun night, full of laughter, screams, bad words and quite a bit of alcohol haha. If you get a chance to check out Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights, go for it! HHN is open on selected nights until November 2nd.

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