Back to School in Style

Moms, we are only about month away from sending our kids back to school! BREATH! haha No, but seriously, summer is great and all but having life go back to normal and the kids in their school routine is the best feeling ever. I feel like my life has been nonstop and upside down since school has been out!

… So let’s start planning for their BIG return!

Shopping for back to school can be super expensive and sometimes very stressful too. I’m personally lucky that V gets to wear uniforms to school, but Dom, not yet – and I swear I go through so much clothes with him! I feel like I’m constantly spending a ton of money on him because his clothes either no longer fit him or they have a million stains that I have no idea where they even came from! I know most of you mom’s can relate. So needless to say that spending a ton of money on everyday clothes isn’t something I really want to do.

Well ladies, every single piece of clothing the kids are wearing in these photos – backpack, shoes, hair bow, everything….is from! YES! And let me tell you, the prices were really unbelievable! V is super obsessed with her matching pants and jacket combo and Dom won’t take off his light up sneakers (which were only $29 and actually has a ton of different color light options. It’s so cute. Oh, and can we talk about the super cute backpacks that were only $9.99? Yeah, you read that right! Insane. Plus, Walmart offers 2 day free shipping on any order over $35. So worth it!

So go on mamas, enjoy these last few weeks of summer fun with the kiddos and start planning for routine, and life back to normal too! Walmart is here to help you and they have all the fashionable items your kiddos need at the most affordable prices! 🙂