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SheWears is Live!

SheWears is Live!

Hi Babes!! So I am beyond excited to tell you girls that SheWears.com is live and ready to make all your fashion dreams come true.

But, what exactly is SheWears?

When starting my blog, Super Fashionable, I wanted a way to channel my love for fashion and help other women do the same. It was about showing women that feeling good about ourselves has less to do with what brands we are wearing or if something is in style and way more to do with our own self-esteem and how WE see ourselves. 

With this blog I always felt my interactions with you girls were limited. I want to work with you one-on-one, and SheWears is this place I created where I can do just that. I can get to know you better and help you take your confidence, wardrobe, and personal style to the next level!

As a woman, I know it can be so hard sometimes to feel good about who we are and how we look, especially with the craziness of social media and what feels like an endless list of unattainable #goals. 

But with SheWears, I understand that being fashionable comes from within, from being confident and secure, and luckily I know that the super cute selections you’ll get through SheWears are sure to bring that side out! 

Now let’s start this friendship already! I rambled for so long…it’s time for me to get to know YOU!!!

Go explore SheWears.com, tell me what you think and when you are ready let’s get this styling underway starting at just $25!!