From Fake to Real Lashes

The best lash combo you will ever use!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never had a huge problem with having a lack of lashes, but when the idea of lash extensions presented itself it just sounded so amazing. As a mom with little time to get ready in the mornings, the idea of waking up beautiful, saving that mascara step, and not getting raccoon eyes by the end of the day was just worth every penny! And I’m not going to lie, it really is an amazing thing. I got them every month for a little over a year, and I was always in love with how they looked (only a few times did they look too much, I always liked a little more natural of a look). Sadly though, the last few times I got them done over the summer, my eyes just blew up! I had a terrible allergic reaction to them. My eyes were swollen, super itchy, like SUPER itchy, very red and grainy….it was terrible and It lasted for almost a week. This had absolutely nothing to do with the salon, or the lashes…my body just suddenly started to reject the glue, and that was that. Nothing I could really do about it. I had to go from from fake to real lashes again.

So back to normal lash life it was. At first I was super annoyed and honesty felt a little naked lol. But, I’m happy I was basically forced to stop it. It’s saving me quite a large amount of money a month, and I’m sure at the end of the day it can’t be super healthy to be putting glue on your eyes every month.

In the last few months I played around with a lot of combos of mascaras. I’ve always been the girl with tons of different mascaras, so this was right up my alley already! What I came up with is so simple, and you don’t have to use these brands by any means, there are just formulas that I really like and I know won’t flake or get all yucky. The key really is the wand and using the big wand first, and the smaller wand mascara last. Anyways, here are the details:

Five Steps to Perfect Lashes

Step One – I brush them out with the Japonesque Velvet Touch Lash Separator. Let me tell you, when I found out this existed I was so excited. I use it as as first step to just make sure I have no clunky left over mascara sticking my lashes together. But I”ll use it again later on…

Step Two – Curl it. A good curling wand goes a LONG way and won’t hurt your lashes. This Shiseido Eyelash Curler has been a favorite for a long time. It’s not the most affordable one, but I promise you will have it for many years, and you can just buy new replacement little rubber pieces which is a super nice plus.

Step Three – I apply the Diorshow Mascara. I love this mascara and it has really been my #1 go to for over a decade now! Only reason this is the first mascara I apply is because of the big, thick wand. It really gives you so so much volume and length. Its really the best!

Step Four – I use the NARS Climax Mascara. I love this formula. It’s thick but lightweight at the same time – know weird. The wand really helps separate the lashes and give it that super full look. This wand is smaller then the Dior one, so its perfect to get those little bitty lashes sticking out.

Step Five – Last step, I got back to my Japonesque Velvet Touch Lash Separator. I really hate it when my lashes are all stuck together, so this ensures me that they are nice and separated and all the ‘extra’ mascara that gets left over in between your lashes are bye bye.

Do you guys have any lash go to’s. Would love to hear more about your favorites!

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