Kids Gift Guide

I love shopping for the kids during Christmas! I like to give them the basic barbie or toy car or video game they want, but then I love to get a little creative as well. Give them something they didn’t know they even wanted, but will love. I put together a little mix of gifts that any kid would love.

This year V is getting her first Barbie house and I honestly I think I am more excited about it than she will be. I mean, do we ever grow out of the Barbie dream? No way!

Dom is getting a little tricycle he can ride around the house and terrorize V, as well some fun toy cars and balls.

Also, dont forget during this time to give back. Its oh so important that we do our part in making sure no kid goes without a gift during this time. When you are shopping for the little ones in your family, add a gift or two (or as many as you can) and donate them to an organization near you!