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NYC Trip Looks and Restaurants

NYC Trip Looks and Restaurants

So if you follow me on instagram you saw my story about how my husband insisted on how we each take a carry- on to our anniversary trip to NYC. Well, needless to say this was nightmare of a request for me. Let me be honest here and say it wasn’t an easy task, but somehow I managed – and I was so proud of myself! I didn’t have too much room on my suitcase for shopping (I think this was my husbands real reason for wanting to take a carry-on haha), but I did still manage to get a few new purchases tucked in my suitcase somewhere.

Needless to say, I survived the carry-on drama and had an amazing trip! Here are some of my NYC looks as well as some of the restaurants we went to, that I totally recommend!


Day 1

We landed around 3pm, so we dropped off our bags at the hotel and I literally rocked my airport look around the city for a couple of hours before heading back to get ready for dinner. We really just wanted a light bit and a drink, so a quick stroll around the UES was a winning idea and a french bistro the perfect spot!


Day 1 Night

I opted for my favorite black high-waisted skinny jeans and this perfect red animal print top that’s only $47! We had an amazing dinner experience that night dinning at Atera. It was honestly incredible and so exciting. The dishes are so innovative and honestly surprising! Such a perfect way to start our anniversary celebrations.


Day 2 AM

We have a little tradition when we are in the city, and that is to run in Central Park in the morning. So both mornings we woke up early and went for a run around the park and walked through the museums. We love doing this in the city, its one of the few times where you can feel peace in the middle of chaos and it’s an awesome feeling. If you’ve never done that – do it next time you are in NYC. Get lost in the park, explore, you will be amazed at how many cool things you will see!


Day 2 Afternoon

After getting freshened up from our run I changed into this super cute dress from Topshop. It’s so comfy and it looked awesome with a pair of booties – which by the way were very comfortable and got me through walking around the city on this day and the next – and that’s pretty incredible!


Day 2 Night

I always love a little black dress, and this one with a nice high-waisted belt was the perfect option for our night out. We went to Aldea for dinner that night, which is a Portuguese inspired restaurant, and let’s just say it was amazing! If you are seafood person this place is beyond yummy and a must try.


Day 3

This was our shopping day, so we walked through Soho, had lunch at ABC Kitchen (I never go to NYC and not hit up ABC Kitchen, its my favorite and you MUST get a ginger margarita!).  We then had drinks at the Crosby and I basically drove Shamir crazy taking forever at every single Soho store in every corner. God Bless my husband and Happy anniversary to me!


Day 3 Night

Our last night always means we eat it all! We chose Del Posto, an incredible Italian restaurant to indulge – and boy we did! This was hands down the best meal of the trip. Everything was extremely unique, while still having that home cooked feeling you want from an Italian meal. So delicious to say the least!


As you can see I definitely remixed a lot of my accessories in my looks to create different options and still be able to take a carry on. I wore my black denim a few times, only had one day bag and one night bag (until I bought a new one), one pair of boots and one pair of heels for nighttime. Guys, it’s possible to take a 3 day trip with a carry-on!!! Woohoo!


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