Beauty Tips – Face Brushes

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Brushes are super important during a makeup routine.  You can have the most amazing cosmetics and expensive products, but if you don’t know how to apply them…well…they become pretty useless.  I just recently went shopping for new brushes at Sephora and found myself extremely confused by all the different types, sizes and styles of brushes.  So I decided to do a little research, and found a great article on brushes by The Beauty Department.

The first post will be about face brushes, I will then have two more posts coming up this week about cheeks and eye brushes.  Once this little series is over you can run to a beauty store near you and grab all the brushes you’ve never known what to do with before but secretly always wanted! Just like I did!

Here’s what each brush is for:

For those who use Cream Foundation:

For those who use cream foundations, you’ll want a flat-headed slightly slanted brush so it really presses the foundation into your skin as you swirl it all over.  This will give you a flawless airbrushed effect.

Try – Cover FX Cream Foundation Brush

For those who use Liquid Foundation:

You’ll want a synthetic, densely packed flat but wide brush to effortlessly cover more space when you’re in a hurry in the mornings. Look for ones with nylon or Taklon bristles for the smoothest application.

Try – Make Up For Ever HD Brush 30N

For Smoothing and Blending Foundation:

I know we’re all in a hurry in the mornings but I can’t tell you how critical it is to take 20 seconds with a clean natural bristle brush and smooth over your foundation before powdering to really blend it into your skin. It will take you from “it’s obvious she’s wearing foundation” to “wow she has such perfect skin.”

Try – Sephora Collection Pro Foundation Brush #47

For those who use Mineral Powder Foundation:

This can be a synthetic or natural bristle powder brush, but look for one with a plump shape designed for the swirling motion we do when applying minerals.

Try – Bare Minerals Flawless Application Face Brush

For Under eye Concealer: 

I love a flat synthetic concealer brush for covering dark circles because you can really “lay down” the product by using the side of the brush. The other component to look for is a tapered edge because this helps you avoid clumping during application. The synthetic bristles will pick up less product so your coverage will last longer (the thicker you apply it, the more likely it will crease and cake).

Try – Hourglass Concealer Brush

For Blemishes Concealer:

Look for a pointed and tapered concealer brush made of synthetic bristles so you can apply it precisely on top of any kind of blemish (pimple, scar, broken capillary, etc.) without touching the surrounding skin. Practice mini-swirling motions gently on top of the blemish then lightly blend the perimeters with your ring finger.

Try – Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush

Powder T-Zone: 

Use a brush made with natural hair bristles just for the areas that tend to shine: between your brows, around and on the tip of your nose, your upper lip and your chin. This allows the rest of your face to glow and breathe.

Try – Sephora CollectionPro Precision Powder Brush #59

Do you have any brush tips or favorites? I would love to know and give them a try.